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207 Pierce Street
Houston, TX, 77002
United States


GPS Based Dog Walking + Pet Sitting Services in Houston, Texas. Dog Walking, Dog Sitting, Puppy Care, Cat Sitting and More! Give us a try see the difference!


Houston Dog Walking FAQs


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Real-time certainty your dog is being taken care of !

Real-time certainty your dog is being taken care of !

Why should I hire a pet care specialist?

We understand that busy lifestyles led by loving dog ( and cat! ) owners can sometimes result in a lack of adequate exercise for your dog.
We provide daily Dog Walking Services that create a regular exercise routine that is great for your dog’s physical and mental health.

Pet Sitting allows your pet to remain in their daily routine while minimizing the stress of your absence.

Pet Care Specialists allow you to relax knowing that your best friend will be well cared for when you are away.

What areas do you serve?

We proudly provide pet sitting services in Houston's Inner Loop.

We are currently providing services in Greater Third Ward, Downtown, EADO, Fourth Ward, West University Place, Medical Center, River Oaks, Montrose, Heights, Rice Village, Midtown, Neartown, Upper Kirby and more. Please contact us to see if we are currently servicing your area.

How does GPS tracking work?

Pet Check Technology™ is setting new standards in the dog walking world and CANI Dog Walking Co. is excited to be at the forefront!

Upon signing up for weekly dog walks you will receive a magnet containing an individual identification code that is scanned at the arrival and departure of your home

At any time during the walk or visit you can log on to your dashboard page to track GPS coordinates of your dog's adventure.

Once the walk is complete you can view the time, duration, map of route and walker comments, along with a few adorable pictures.

Why is there a 2 hour window for Dog Walking Services?

We are dedicated to the health and safety of every animal in our care.

We do our best to get to every client on time, but in pet care emergency situations may sometimes occur.

We give our clients a two hour window of expected time of arrival to ensure quality care for each individual pet.

A one hour service window is given to all clients receiving pet sitting or puppy care services.

Why am I asked to provide two sets of keys, and where will my keys be kept?

Two sets of keys are required in case of emergency and to ensure that your dog is always walked on time.

For the safety of your pets and your home, we do not lock keys inside your home. Should you wish to have your keys returned after your appointment, we can either drop them off to you or send them back via certified, insured mail, both for an additional fee.

Clients who do not wish for us to retain their keys can use a lock box on their door, providing us with the code. It's a great option!

What happens when there is inclement weather?

We walk rain or shine! However, severe heat, severe cold, storms, icy road, snow, etc. are all considered inclement weather.

During inclement weather situations, our midday walks are restricted to short potty breaks and indoor play.

Schedules may be altered in order to get to each client.

We ask clients to understand that we will use our best judgment concerning your pet's well-being when dealing with these conditions.

Can you tell me more about insurance and bonding?

We are happy to provide you with our policy information upon request.

We always recommend that you ask for proof of insurance regardless of which pet sitter you choose.

We carry insurance adequate to appropriately cover our client's home and pets while under our care.

This includes Care, Custody and Control Insurance in addition to General Liability and Bonding.


Trial Period

Our goal is to keep your dog and ourselves safe at all times. We believe that every dog is a treasured member of the family. However, not all dogs are suitable candidates for in-home Pet Sitting or Semi-Private Walks

The temperament of each animal, regardless of prior history, will be evaluated at the initial consultation and up to one week after. This helps us determine temperament, habits, and play styles and we reserve the right to refuse service to anyone on that basis.

You know your dog best; so please inform us if you have any doubts about his/her ability to deal with strangers or other animals.

Pet Sitting - Payment is due in full prior to, or at the time of the first visit.

Mid-day Dog Walking Services - Services completed Sunday-Monday have payment automatically processed the following Monday.

Holiday & Weekend Policy

All services scheduled on Major Holidays and Weekends are subject to an additional charge.   

100% of the total service price for services scheduled on holidays will be charged of cancelled without 1 weeks notice.

Please note we have the right to discontinue future services to clients that breach the terms of our service agreements.